The Top 25 in LA Today

To kick off the new LA Sports Hub, we are going to rank the 25 Most Important people in the land of Los Angeles sports today. The Top 25 in LA Today. Not ever, just those 25 people who we cheer for and who put them on the field in the year 2012.

Qualifications for inclusion:

1. You live in LA (most of the time)

2. You live in LA in 2012

3. You get the job done, or at least are in a position to do so.

This is not a list that just any city could pull off. You don’t see Salt Lake City ranking their Top 25 people in sports–the Jazz’s roster isn’t that big. But LA is an exquisite buffet of finely tuned athletic excellence, and there’s also the Clippers.

So let the debate begin, there will certainly be snubs and people left off. There’s no qualms about it, this is absolutely a popularity contest. Image and persona have as much to do with being important as box scores and championships. Maybe important isn’t the right word. Influential isn’t either though because were not ranking on legacy necessarily. After all its important in 2012.


Either way, CLICK HERE to get started with Number 25

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