Could Beckham be wearing the jersey of the French giants PSG come January?

Where Will David Beckham land in 2013?

After coming to the LA Galaxy in 2007, winning 2 MLS cups, and becoming an ambassador to the sport of soccer in America, David Beckham is looking to write one more chapter in a book that has already seen him become a living legend. The question now is, where will the former Manchester United captain land in 2013? Beckham has publicly stated that for now he is going to take some time to relax with his family before making his decision to join what will possibly be his last team (as a player). According to sources the top two options for Beckham at the moment are either joining a team in Australia or joining the Parisian team Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Here are my reasons for believing that Beckham will be playing in the French capitol come next year.

Although Australia would be a nice fit for Beckham and his family, I just don’t see a reason for why David would go there. The Australian league is very similar to MLS because of the fact that it is still growing in popularity and is not considered to be part of the elite leagues that include England, Spain, Germany, France or Italy. The thing is that there is money there, but I don’t think that is the number 1 thing on what the former Real Madrid man is looking for. Australia also doesn’t have the caliber of players that would entice Beckham to come there. Sure it is a beautiful country but Beckham leaving the MLS to move to Australia doesn’t make any sense. Unless of course he wants to again be an ambassador and grow the sport in another part of the world; but this just seems illogical to me.

Paris, I believe, is the perfect fit for a man like Beckham for a number of reasons. Currently they are fighting for top spot in League 1 and the signing of Beckham will help them add to a roster that already has a multitude of talent on it. Playing alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day. The combination between those two could be deadly. PSG is also currently playing in the much coveted Champions League. This could be a major influence for “Becks” as he has expressed the desire to give the elusive tournament one more go.League 1 may not be the best league in the world but the emerging talent has made  it a league that deserves respect when compared to the top leagues in Europe. Of course PSG, who was recently bought by rich Middle Easterners who have all their money in oil, will not be frugal when trying to land Beckham. Paris, as a city, will also entice Beckham’s wife Posh who is known to be a lover of expensive fashion. This small factor will only help in swaying Beckham to join the French giants.

Although Australia would be a plausible option, I don’t see him going there. He has already been an ambassador for the sport here in America and I truly believe that he wants to give the European elite a run for their money one more time. PSG is the perfect fit because of where they are as a club and because of the money that they are willing to offer. I just don’t see him anywhere else at this point in time. Personally, I’d love to see him standing with his teammates as the Champions League anthem rings through some of Europe’s most famous stadiums one more time. He is a living legend and can still contribute to a team. Time will only tell where he will end up, but if I were to put my money on it, he’ll be playing the beautiful game with the Eiffel Tower in the background in no time.

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