November 16, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Former pro basketball player "Julius Dr. J" Irving sits next to Los Angeles Lakers Mitch Kupchak during the ceremony unveiling the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Mitch Kupchak: "We Are Not Trading Dwight Howard." Is He Believable?

For the past 2 weeks Mitch Kupchak has been insistent that he will not trade Dwight Howard. No matter how differently TJ Simers phrases the question, Kupchak has been consistent that “We are not trading Dwight Howard” before the trade deadline Thursday at 12pm PST. But we keep asking the question. We are either trying to incite a media frenzy, or no one believes Kupchak. Why wouldn’t he trade Howard?

Dwight Howard is a free agent at the end of the year. Howard is an All Star at the will-he-stay-or-will-he-go routine, but has left plenty to be desired this season. He has given no indication that he wants to stay. And if this season ends as poorly as it could, there is noevidence he will want to stick it out in LA, and right the ship riding a new max-contract.

Why would Howard want to return next year to LA, and why would Kupchak desire to keep him, if he will begin next season behind the eight ball like he did this year after another offseason surgery?

If Kupchak had any fears that Dwight Howard would want to walk, wouldn’t you rather get something for Howard than nothing? The only time the Lakers have looked worse than when Dwight Howard is in the lineup, is when he is out with an injury. Getting just anybody in return hasn’t worked out that well for the Orlando Magic yet, and who is available is another discussion. But the Lakers are in need of frontcourt help with, or without, Dwight Howard.

Jerry Buss is officially gone. Even though Jim Buss has been credited with the decision-making authority recently, Jerry’s unfortunate passing ends any further speculation of his level of influence. We miss Jerry Buss, and the organization loses credibility without him. Jim is unproven.

The Lakers won 2 championships with Kupchak as GM, but is he a trusted face for the Lakers organization? Following in Jerry West’s footsteps is nearly impossible. And it was Jerry West who virtually gave the Lakers and Kupchak Pau Gasol. As constructed this Lakers team has really struggled, and Kupchak was the builder. And we keep asking the question, will he be traded?

The Lakers fans and media obviously don’t trust Kupchak, or we couldn’t keep asking. And we especially don’t trust that keeping the inconsistent Howard is the right call.

LA Sports Hubsters, Do You Believe Mitch Kupchak?

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