April 1, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul (3) speaks to official Derrick Stafford during a stoppage in play in the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Say It Ain't So! Do You Think Officiating Is Rigged In The NBA?

It’s been a week for Youtube videos. Videos of Kevin Ware’s leg snapping in half (*shudder*). Videos of Shaq’s number being retired. Videos of cats haz-ing cheeseburgers. But recently, a video has surfaced that claims to provide evidence that the NBA has rigged games so the Los Angeles Lakers will make it to this year’s playoffs.

The video was posted by Youtube user LongBeachJ with the title “NBA Is Rigged: Fan Shows Some Suspect Proof the NBA Needs Lakers in the Playoffs” on Monday. In the last two days, LongBeachJ’s video has gotten more than 1 million views. Watch the video here:


“But Danielle,” you say to yourself, “you write about the Los Angeles Clippers.” True, but the video’s assertion opens up the discussion of rigged officiating throughout the whole league, although it’s certainly not a new discussion. Perhaps most infamously, former NBA referee Tim Donaghy publicly admitted that the league fixes games. As you can probably imagine, his comments did not go over too well.

Basketball is, arguably, the sport most affected by the calls of referees. In close games, one call can mean the all the difference (which is why I have been imploring the Clippers to work on their free throw shooting…from my couch as I watch the games from home…but I digress). Something as serious as rigging games is extremely difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, especially when the calls can be–and I use this term tentatively–subjective.

Personally, I think the “proof” that LongBeachJ’s video provides is a bit weak, but it is interesting to think about as we approach the playoffs.

But what do you think? Do your think the NBA is affected by rigged officiating, Hubsters?

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