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Bad Umpires? Peter Gammons Has a Solution for Missed Calls in Baseball

In baseball umpires are center stage. We know their names: Laz Diaz, Tim McClelland, Ed Hochuli (not exactly). And despite being the best umpires in the world, even with the aid of limited replay, they miss calls which have an effect on the game. Thankfully there is a figure in baseball big enough to come up with a solution. That man is Peter Gammons. And he has a solution for all of the missed calls in baseballs.

After two missed calls last night that (tangentially) influenced the outcome of the game, (Here is one of them) Peter Gammons came up with a solution:

Ok well he didn’t really come up with it. But call it the baseball equivalent of Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Santity  in 2010. (although, Stewart admits that the results only lasted for, like, 15 minutes). Gammons puts everyone involved in baseball on trial. From his fellow members of the media, coaches, and especially the players. Stop whining. Just because there is super-X-mo-diamond-color-3-D-contrast-vision that demonstrates the ump got the call wrong doesn’t give anyone the right to complain about the outcome, and not get their job done. It should be like in the old days when we all walked uphill in the snow to the ballpark, wearing only sandals made of peanut shells fastened together with licorice rope for sandals, and it was on the players to do their jobs and get people out. Some of the Tweeters do not agree. In response to Gammons people said

That’s a very valid point. These are not equal groups, but some people are fed up with umpires getting the call wrong, and other people are fed up with people fed up with missed calls and complain about them.

To take Gammons point further it’s not about accountability, it’s about pitchers doing their job. Their job is to play baseball, and more specifically, to get the batter they are facing out. It shouldn’t fall on their shoulders that the last batter didn’t get out, but it’s their job to get the next batter(s) out.

Peter Gammons, you are a brilliant writer. But I think this was an excellent call for sanity. Reason says umps should get the call right no matter what, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get over it.

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