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Reaction to Chris Paul Being Upset with Clippers Organization: Really Donald Sterling???

Yesterday a source stated that Chris Paul was upset with the Clippers organization because he feels that people are blaming him for the firing of head coach Vinny Del Negro. From now until July expect reports like this to happen on a daily basis. For Example: Today is an off night in the NBA and no one wants to hear about the Spurs resting so the media needs something juicy to report on. Now all ears are perked on NBA fans because there is a potential that Chris Paul could take his talents somewhere else this offseason. Stories like this tend to be generated on off news nights. A coincidence? I think not! I expect in the next month for Dwight Howard to be potentially considering 7 teams, partially because Dwight Howard can’t make up his mind but more because of the media generating a news buzz.

My previous article was on the potential landing spots for Chris Paul and with the recent news; nothing has changed in my opinion. Yes the Clippers owner said things to make Del Negro’s firing seem like Chris Paul’s fault but no situation is better for Chris Paul still. I would love to see Donald Sterling leave the franchise for good and sell the team because he has made many mistakes with the Clippers that lead to years of futility and frankly ruined his own persona. If my numbers would have been lucky enough to be the numbers chosen for the recent $600 million Powerball than I would have done my best to lead a group to purchase the Clippers from Sterling but sadly that didn’t happen. The Clippers remain with one of the worst owners in sports.

The Clippers are still the best situation for Chris Paul to win a title. If he does leave the Clippers, it WILL NOT be for this story. If he leaves, it will be because he thinks there is a better opportunity to win somewhere else. I love Chris Paul but him not giving input on the decision of Del Negro actually means a lot. Donald Sterling was right when he said it is “A Players League” and if a player doesn’t back up a coach then it’s like he isn’t supporting one. Chris Paul handpicked many players on the Clippers roster so why is he getting shy now? The coach Chris wants will be the new coach of the Clippers, plain and simple. The management will do its best to make it seem like it was their decision and will do its best to protect its players because that’s their job. Players usually protect their coach so when a star player doesn’t say anything in support of a coach, it is like the player said everything.

The same source that broke the story also was on television today and stated this isn’t likely to be an impact on Chris Paul’s decision. THEN WHY DID HE WRITE THE STORY IN THE FIRST PLACE! Every week will be a new story of where a marquis free agent is leaning or not leaning towards and last night it was Chris Paul being upset with the Clippers, a team that he led to a franchise high in wins and gives him the best chance to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. July 1st is the start of free agency and the media is going to make this as dramatic as possible because frankly it isn’t. The first week in July until Chris Paul signs his extension or new contract will be a nightmare of reports linking him everywhere but only one team will get him so most reports will not be accurate. Los Angeles knows its drama on the movie screen and clearly on the off court.

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