May 3, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers watches from the sideline as they take on the New York Knicks in game six of the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at TD Garden. The New York Knicks defeated the Celtics 88-80. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers: 3 Takeaways From Doc Rivers Trade


After nearly two weeks of speculation and talks ‘dying,” but not dead yet, the Los Angeles Clippers have a new coach via trade. The Boston Celtics and Clippers have already agreed to the deal, and equally importantly so has Doc Rivers. The deal was approved by the judgmental commissioner’s office.

All of the posturing all week long about who should or should not be included in a deal and talks being over or not, were just that, posturing.  The rumors of a deal were true. We called both teams bluffs HERE at LA Sports Hub. The Doc is in the building. (We won’t take too much credit since he was not on our ‘long list’ of Clippers coaches).

1.) Yes, it is possible to trade for a coach. It’s unusual circumstances, but it is possible. In related news the Lakers have traded for the Heat’s equipment manager, and the head of security for the Detroit Pistons at the Palace at Auburn Hills. In addition to negotiating a new contract with Rivers, the Clippers traded a 2015 first round pick to Boston for Rivers, which will only be of any value if the team implodes in particularly Clippers fashion.

2.) Chris Paul might actually be the biggest diva in the league. In an interview with the LA Times, Donald Sterling all but says Chris Paul got Vinny Del Negro fired. This public news and perception supposedly made Paul more mad. There hasn’t been a player-coach since 1979, but there might be a player-GM. Paul is supposedly very vocal about the direction of the Clippers, a team he doesn’t currently play for.

Seemingly much of the reporting on Paul’s invovlement has been guessing, and anonymous confirmations of Chris Paul’s involvement in the decision making process.

Clippers free-agent guard Chris Paul kept lobbying franchise management to pursue Rivers throughout the past week.

This isn’t particularly convincing evidence that Paul actually is involved, other than it comes from the reliable Adrian Wojnar0wski at Yahoo Sports (HERE). He went on to add

Paul hasn’t formally committed to signing a five-year maximum contract in July, but Rivers is taking the job with full knowledge that he’ll be coaching Paul, sources said

Dwight Howard is not fooling anyone, he is a big diva. But Chris Pual is passing as un-selfish, which could quickly change in the public.

3.) Any committal from Paul at this point would only be verbal. the free agent to be won’t sign on with the Clippers, if that’s his intentions, until early July when he becomes a free agent. Any verbal commits he could back out of it like a 13-year-old who got an offer and verbal commitment to play college quarterback in Southern California.

The Clippers have their new coach, but it’s hardly the end of the dealings in Clippers-land.

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