Former Los Angeles Laker Tyronn Lue Could be the Key to Clippers Success

A lot of NBA bling is returning to the bench in Los Angeles this season. The glare off the rings might finally provide the excuse Mike D’Antoni needs to explain why he can’t fix the disappointing Lakers. Two-time NBA champion Mark Madsen returns to the Lakers bench as the Director of Player Development, not the D-Fenders coach as he was originally hired for; and four-time champion (plus two as a coach) Kurt Rambis joins the Lakers staff as D’Antoni’s assistant.

But across the hall in STAPLES Center Doc Rivers is brining his ring from the rival Celtics into the building on a daily basis too. And also joining Doc Rivers is two time NBA Champion with the Lakers, Tyronn Lue. And Coach Lue could make the difference in the Clippers season.

Sure it’s the players on the floor who ultimately make the difference. Mike Brown and Eric Spoelstra didn’t make Lebron, but here me out. All you have to do is look at the success of Rajon Rondo and realize the possible effect that Tyronn Lue can really make for Chris Paul and the Clippers.

Rondo was drafted in the 2006 NBA Draft, 3 years before Tyronn Lue retired. But when Lue joined the Celtics staff as the Director of Plater Development upon retirement in 2009, it coincided with Rondo being selected for 4 straight NBA All Star Teams. Rondo wasn’t a high first round draft pick, and he was already an NBA Champion when Lue arrived–but he developed a lot over those 4 years.

Chris Paul is already a perennial All Star. The transition to All Star is not the same type of development that Chris Paul needs to make–but he is not a finished product still. At this point in his career Chris Paul is not the best point guard in the NBA. He is probably the 3rd best Point Guard, behind Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo himself. Chris Paul is closer to Tracy McGrady at this point than Tony Parker. He has only been in the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs twice in his NBA career despite all the praise that he gets showered with for being a great player and team player.

Lue can help Paul if he’ll listen.

The Celtics are already worried about what to do with Rajon Rondo now that both Doc Rivers and Tyronn Lue are not on the Celtics sideline. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe reported the Celtics concern on Sunday morning.

Tyronn Lue is much closer to a peer of Chris Paul than a coach. But with the combination of both, maybe Chris Paul will listen to him. Chris Paul might finally stop trying to run his own rodeo.

Tyronn Lue was a relentless defender, an area of the game which has not been a weakness for Chris Paul. He has been on some of the worst, and the best teams in recent NBA history. But his experience as a coach and player could help bring Chris Paul and the rest of the developing Clippers to NBA Championship level.

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