Jul 10, 2013; Playa Vista, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul reacts during a press conference at the team headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers: Chris Paul Elected President of the NBA Players Association

The Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul was elected President of the NBA Players Association. The Sports Business Daily reported that few in the basketball world even knew that the All Star guard was running for the post. On the matter Paul said,

I was nominated by my peers, but it was definitely something I had in the back of my mind. I saw it as a challenge and something I would be able to handle.

It was reported that Lebron James was seriously considering running for the post, but he ultimately shied away from the responsibility for the time being. It is proof that Lebron hasn’t completely taken over the world. Not that we needed further proof other than the name “Lebron” is still not a registered word in spellcheck.

Chris Paul was nominated. But his acceptance is not necessarily only a selfless move, or a power hungry move. Both can be true for the NBA All Star.

His standing with his peers may improve which is an incentive, but he does not elevate to the level of Lebron or Kobe, because the basketball community only measures players by championships, and if you are the best basketball personality on cable television. But if you can;t beat them, try to beat them in an arena that’s completely different.

So the nickname CPIII will take on a much more lofty tone from now on. It will be Presidential in aura; it will be like the Pope in a stretched comparison, who is more or less the President of the Roman Catholic Church, with names like John Paul II, and Pope Boniface III. President CPIII.

Derek Fisher was the previous NBA Players Association rep, and he had some backlash in his last few years in the post. But this new, high profile face for the Players Association will be the first since Patrick Ewing.

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