March 25, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) reacts during the fourth quarter against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Lakers 109-103. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Defies Gravity Again


Kobe Bryant continues to amaze. The torn achilles he suffered was the first sign in a long time that Kobe Bryant has nearly any of the same experiences that the rest of us have. We don’t fly in a helicopter from Orange County to LA on a daily basis. But he doesn’t wait in lines at doctor’s offices. We don’t sell million dollar homes in Newport Beach. He doesn’t obey the normal rules that apply to the rest of us–like gravity.

The latest news around Kobe Bryant is he was seen rehabbing on an anti-gravity treadmill. According to Rotoworld’s NBA headlines, Kobe was seen running on an anti-gravity treadmill at a Lakers training facility. Here is the blurb:

We should no longer be surprised he can defy gravity. But check out the source at the bottom of the entry. This is not The Wall Street Journal or New York Times, but Rotoworld is “powered by NBC Sports.” But apparently Instagram is a source now.

I’m envisioning Jeff Daniels–the version in The Newsroom, not Dumb and Dumber–saying “The President just confirmed this breaking news on Instagram.”

If it matters at all, it’s true. There is a video of Kobe running on an Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The angle is such that you cannot tell at what percentage of his body weight he is running at. But it is possible to run at as low as 20% of your body weight on the increasingly popular physical therapy treadmills which defy gravity.

Kobe of course only runs at #vinoclock and is going #mambamental on that treadmill. What did Kobe do before he joined Twitter this January? I assume he played basketball, something he hopes to do again for the Lakers as soon as the start of the season, and he doesn’t appear to have had any setbacks.

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