Apr 24, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol (16) watches from the bench during game two of the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs at AT

Los Angeles Lakers: Examining the New Black, 'Hollywood Nights' Jerseys

The Los Angeles Lakers revealed their new alternate black jerseys on Thursday (pictured below) because, as everyone knows, the Lakers’ colors are purple, Gold, and Black.

The new uniforms are the Lakers’ “Hollywood Nights” alternate jerseys. Why new jerseys? Why black? Why “Hollywood Nights?”

I’d like to lay out a practical explanation for the new uniforms, like when George Costanza on Seinfeld suggested that the Yankees switch from polyester to cotton uniforms. Cotton breathes much better. But it also shrinks after being washed. The only thing shrinking after these black uniforms are fans’ wallets thinning. New uniforms are just one more “got to have” item.

The Lakers explanation of the new change extolls how it is a public service to fans.

The organization has consistently heard from fans that a black uniform was desired, and have been working to make that a reality for years. The Lakers have a long history and philosophy of listening to fans, and as a public trust are in the business of serving fan interest, from colors of uniforms up to the ultimate goal of winning championships.

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The Lakers are also in the business of making money. If this was not a profitable venture, then Pau Gasol would be squeezing into the same short, 80’s shorts Kurt Rambis actually wore. Fans probably did ask for a black jersey. They look good. But what’s happening to the traditional jerseys? The Lakers’ website continues

The purple and gold uniforms will forever be the staple for the Lakers, with the black ones adding what the Lakers hope to be a cool alternative.

Well thanks for calling a black spade, a spade. They exist because they’re hopefully cool. But why “Hollywood Nights?”

Hollywood Nights theme in part acknowledges the celebrities like Jack Nicholson that have long supported the team, but also serves as a nod to the huge number of people that work behind the scenes to make up one of L.A.’s biggest industries.

These black jerseys were a cooler alternative than the Lakers apron’s celebrating the catering/restaurant industry, which supports much of one of L.A.’s biggest industries–and much more practical for basketball.

Additionally this year the Lakers will also feature the skin tight, short-sleeved jerseys that the Warriors popularized for better or worse last season. The Lakers short-sleeved jerseys will be white.

For those keeping score, the Lakers jersey total is now up to 5 by my unofficial calculations. The traditional home gold, and away purple jerseys. The alternate black jerseys, the new short-sleeved white jerseys, and the now usual Sunday white jerseys.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Kobe Bryant will sport a brand new, special edition Lakers “Rehab” jersey according to unconfirmed reports. He would be quick to point out the “Rehab” jersey is a different color than the one Lamar Odom is wearing.

But then again, the black jerseys actually do look good. Black, Lakers jerseys already did exist, and look good. That’s how we know. And this season we’ll get to see the slimming black be all the more flattering for the shockingly white Chris Kaman.

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