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NBA Rumors: Shaq Becomes Part Owner of the Sacramento Kings

Shaq is one of the All time great Lakers, and one of the all time sports personalities to go with his dominance on the floor. I’ve often said that Shaq could get away with anything, because he is out of his mind funny. But Shaq’s latest move is completely out of left field.

Shaq was officially introduced Tuesday morning as the newest minority owner of the Sacramento Kings.

Forbes Sports money Blog tweeted

Wait, wait. Who is a new owner of the Kings? It’s not Magic Johnson. It’s definitely Shaq, there’s a press conference with him at 10AM Tuesday. And this link goes on to discuss Shaq. It’s a good thing this was only tweeted out to Forbes Sports Money’s nearly 20,000 followers.

However, there do seem to be a lot of similarities between the minority ownership of each Laker great in their new ownership ventures. Magic johnson was the PR push that helped Guggenheim Baseball Management win the bid for the Dodgers, much more than the financial assistance. It was $2.2 billion afterall.

It is being reported that Shaq is being brought on board to help Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, and new team owner and founder of TIBCO software Vivek Ranadive in their battle over taxpayer funding of a new arena to replace SleepTrain Arena (formerly ARCO Arena). The aforementioned blunderous Forbes Money Sports article goes on to explain more HERE

Shaq could get away with anything, anything. But would Lakers fans let him get away with being a part owner, even if less than 5% of the Sacramento Kings? Shaq wasn’t just a Laker. He also played big roles in Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, and Boston. But Shaq is a Laker. His jersey was just retired last season.

Will Lakers fans care he has literally invested interest in the Kings? Of course not, The Kings are awful. Even though the 2013-14 Lakers don’t figure to be very good, there is no rivalry with the Kings (anymore). The TV analyst/owner (also modeled after Magic) will always be a favorite of Lakers fans.

In fact, Shaq’s invovlement could be some sort of altruism to Sacramento for basically destroying the Sacramento Kings franchise. They were on their way to an NBA title before Robert Horry (and allegedly several NBA referees) got in their way–and the ‘Sacramento Queens’ have never recovered. Shaq could help the same Sacramento team that with some last minute moves by Sacramento Mayor and NBA All Star Kevin Johnson escaped an NBA owners vote which would have sealed their sale and move to Seattle.

Which step of the 12 step program is make amends to those harmed, by literally owning a small percentage of them? oh well, All’s well with Love and basketball and ownership, right?

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