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Lakers D'Antoni: "Disappointed?" Find a new team.

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Mike D’Antoni pulled his own version of the infamous Jim Mora Sr. “Playoff” press conference last night in Phoenix following a 117-90 defeat against the Suns.

Following the twenty-seven-point defeat, D’Antoni became what can only be described as defiant when a reported suggested fans have become “discouraged” by the Lakers 13-15 start.

“Why would I be discouraged? We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys that played well before, and they’ll play [well] again. If [the fans] are discouraged, then, you know, find another team to root for. I’m all right. We’re not going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair to these guys.”

These comments are a little tough to digest for a couple of reasons; however, “Pringles” does have a point. The Lakers are coming off two road losses by a combined 46 points against the Warriors and Suns. Laker fans, myself included, are incredibly spoiled and have a tough time dealing with the teams “mediocrity”. It would be easy for Laker nation to become discouraged by a losing team, but I don’t think that is the case with the 2013-2014 Lakers.

D’Antoni is right in his statement when he asks “Why would I be discouraged”. The 2013-2014 Lakers are simply OVERACHIEVING for the roster they have assembled this season and have actually played better without Kobe Bryant than they have with him this year. As Laker fans, shouldn’t we applaud this team for it’s effort while congratulating them for taking us to Tank City?

The Lakers have been playing an exciting brand of basketball all season with a team that could have been selected at a YMCA this time last season. If you’re really a Laker fan I think you understand by this point in the season that the team is playing way over its head and has been fighting it’s tail off in every single game.

But at the end of the day don’t we want the Lakers to tank this season, especially now that Kobe is out for another six weeks? I’m one of the biggest Lakers supporters in Los Angeles and all I want from this season is a ton of close, high-scoring affairs that results in a trip to the lottery. The ping-pong balls will do the rest of the legwork. The NBA owes us! Basketball Reasons. Enough said.

As for D’Antoni telling the Laker fans to find another team to root for, what do you want us to do? Root for the Clippers? I’m sorry but we don’t roll that way Mr. Pringles. You’re stuck with us whether you like it or not. I’ll give you a pass on this one because the reporter who asked you the question was clearly misinformed. We’re not discouraged by the 13-15 start. We’re encouraging you to tank even harder. Or maybe that’s just me. Sorry I’m not sorry. I want Jabari!





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