Jan 26, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) shoots the ball as Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol (16) defends during the fourth quarter at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks won 110-103. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers: Melo-Drama


The NBA season continues to unfold, rumors continue to pour in and the looming question that lingers over the Lakers is this: What are they going to do this off-season? Many options are to be explored. Laker Nation is not satisfied with this low level of basketball that they have been subjected to this season and the front office has some serious decisions to make come free agent season.

The possibilities are endless for this years free agency options are endless. The big three in Miami have a chance to to opt out of their contracts and test free agency, and with Dwyane Wade‘s health diminishing, many people feel that LeBron James is not guaranteed to stay in Miami. Rudy Gay is also an unrestricted free agent who has found life in his game in Sacramento. However, if you ask me, the Lakers should look past all of that.

Let’s be realistic, landing any one of the big three is a long shot. They have won two championships with each other and, from the outside looking in, it would be seemingly psychotic for any one of them to leave Miami. However, there’s a man by the name of Carmelo Anthony, in New York City, who is rumored to be unhappy in his current situation. He had reportedly been blamed by his teammates for the teams lack of success this season. If you ask me, Carmelo Anthony needs to be the center of the Lakers attention. The Lakers were rumored, at one point and time, to be the front runner for landing Melo’s services this off-season. With Anthony openly saying at the beginning of the year that he wants to test free agency many people believe that he could be on his way to Tinsel Town.

Truthfully the pieces fit for Carmelo. He already owns a home in Los Angeles, his wife Alani “LaLa” Anthony has been sited in Los Angeles on numerous occasions and one of his closest friends in the NBA, Kobe Bryant, is apart of this team for the next two years. Carmelo need not look further for a new organization to play for. The Lakers are ready for a new superstar and they need to put the torch in another players hands.

With all of the Lakers cap space this summer and a historical track record of having a front office that seemingly always get what they want it only seems proper that the Lakers make a push for possibly the leagues best scorer and a top-5 player in the NBA.

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