The AFL's LA Kiss Introduce Best/Worst Uniforms In the History of Football

We’ve officially reached the point in time where the uniforms from the movie “Any Given Sunday” are considered tame. This morning the AFL’s newest team, the LA Kiss, revealed their uniforms for the upcoming season. With the band KISS as owners we had a sneaking suspicion that these may be some of the best and worst uniforms ever created; however, these kits surpassed our every wish.

THESE ARE HILARIOUSLY EPIC! Get these in the Pro Football Hall of Fame STAT! Those flames! The visor! Oh my god!

The helmets were made by Hydro Graphics Inc.. Hydro Graphics became an overnight sensation after they created the University of Oregon Chrome helmets, which made their debut in the 2012 Rose Bowl. While my alma mater may have started the trend, Hydro Graphics has continued to produce an array of helmets for High School, College and NFL teams. However, the LA Kiss helmets may be their magnum opus.

Lastly, here’s a look at the entire uniform:

What else is there to say? I’m so happy these are now in my life. Can someone send me a customized jersey and helmet please? Thank you.

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