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The Los Angeles Lakers Can Win Big With Shabazz Napier

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

For some odd reason there is a young, athletic, charismatic, and versatile point guard who has won the bob cousy award as well as a national title….and is not mentioned in many mock drafts and highly regarded as a first round pick.

Shabazz Napier has been an absolute marvel to watch play during the NCAA Tournament. He’s a leader, a good teammate, very clutch, and is a winner. One would think he would be a shoe-in as a first round pick. After his play in the tourney, one would think lotto pick, right?

Well, thats not the case. According to “experts,” Napier lacks upside at 6’1, 180 and has reached has cieling of potential at 22. At 22?!?!? What a ridiculous argument.  So in other words, because he is a year over legal drinking age in America he’s “old”  by some standards.  And, as far as his size goes, wasn’t there a point guard and future hall of famer by the name of Allen Iverson that taught us about size?

Now this is not to say Napier will be an Iverson.  However, who’s to say that he cannot be?  Nap is an EXCELLENT talent,  and this talent can fall right into the Lakers laps in the 2nd round potentially.  Shabazz has already been playing with a chip on his shoulder for the better half of 2 years now.  You can well expect him to do the same considering the analysis of him as an NBA player.  And, this is perfect for the Lakers. Napier is a well-rounded point guard who not only can create his own shots, distribute, and defend, but also rebound.  Considering the depth of talent and prestige of the Big East conference as it translates to NBA talent, it can be said that Napier can very well compete at the highest level in the NBA just fine, despite his detractors.

As a 2nd round pick, there is a low risk-high reward clause in order for Los Angeles.  Napier will be “cheap” talent.  Seasoned with experience sitting behind a point guard such as Kemba Walker in his early Husky days, Nap will know how to play and distribute to stars (Kobe).  Steve Nash will also be around to tutor Napier as a rookie.  Los Angeles can literally be the perfect setting for Shabazz Napier to prove his naysayers wrong for looking the other way over selecting him in the 2014 NBA Draft.  He also can be a primary reason the Lakers can complete a turnaround from a dreadful 2013-14 campaign.

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