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Dee 'Flash' Gordon Revival

Once upon a time a legendary pitcher named Tom ‘Flash’ Gordon passed on a baseball legacy to his heir named Devaris “Dee” Strange-Gordon.  Gordon took up baseball in high school, after dedicating himself to basketball prior, and still became a 4th round draft pick by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008.  Dee Gordon established himself quickly with his knack for base stealing consistently throughout the minors as well as majors.  The former Topps All-Star Rookie Team prospect was coming into his own as yet another star in the land where stars are born.  Not bad for a player whom came into the majors as the lightest player by weight (150 lbs.).

Then, the bottom fell out.  After 4 years of shining in the majors, putting up excellent numbers and all, Gordon looked to be nothing more than a tweener who was good enough to play AAA ball, but not good enough to succeed on a major league level day-to-day.  The errors, the attempts to prove he has power, the mechanics, all seemed to fail Gordon as it appeared he was forcing the game to come to him to survive against the odds.  The ups and downs of major league life wore on Gordon.  Almost to a point where his existence was becoming irrelevant as the Dodgers came quite close to the World Series in 2013.

This is where the turnaround begins.  Gordon got in the weight room and packed on 15 pounds of muscle, moved over to 2nd base, and his offensive numbers are 13-33 batting .394 with 5 RBI’s 1 HR,  and 4 stolen bases. Gordon has let the game return to him, and is reaping the benefits of it through his bat as well as his defense.  Having spent the most significant part of his career at shortstop, the 2nd base transition, started late in the 2013 season, is progressing.

It’s evident in Dee’s play, body language, and attitude that he is turning the corner and gaining confidence.  And, in this confidence he can become just another threat in a stacked Los Angeles Dodgers batting lineup.  With hard work in the off-season and patience, it certainly appears that we can label Gordon as “FlashBack”.


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