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Derek Fisher Won't Swim To Lakers

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, don’t expect Derek Fisher to walk off the court after the playoffs and replace his Thunder jersey with a suit and tie coaching Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.  Yes, we’ve all seen the twitter rumors and the building hype now that Dan D’Antoni has been hired by Marshall University.  And, yes it sounds like a simply lovely idea to bring Fisher back “home”. However grand the idea though, it appears very unlikely.

Fisher is a Phil Jackson disciple whose name has coincidentally been linked to the New York Knicks job recently.  Zen disciples have almost all been eliminated in the new Laker era.  Although Kobe would likely definitely sign off on Fisher joining the coaching staff, as well as nearly ensuring that Pau Gasol returns, there would also be every reason for Mike D’Antoni to look over his shoulder.  It’s not very likely that MD would be welcoming to technically setting his OWN self up by adding his potential replacement to his coaching staff.  Fisher is a strong personality as well and has a good relationship with Kobe.  All of these factors could very well make Staples Center even more of a tense environment.  Conflict of interest anyone?

Further reason to not get too excited about the idea of Fish on the coaching staff is Fisher has mentioned in the past that he doesn’t particularly have interest in coaching.  Fisher has also mentioned that he wants to take time to “step away from basketball” and watch his children grow up.  Thus, it may be premature to suggest that Fisher will make an immediate jump into coaching a la Jason Kidd. Fisher, however, may be primed for a front office role but let’s be honest, there’s no room in Laker land for Fisher to assume any such position.

Ultimately, we’re stuck with what we have.  D’Antoni will find a replacement for his older brother, but it will likely be one handpicked personally with assistance from Mitch Kupchak. Outside of Byron Scott, don’t expect the Lakers to reach out to a fan favorite in securing a replacement for the elder D’Antoni.  Which adds to the list of many decisions that have yet to favor the fans.

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