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Los Angeles Clippers Players Will Wear Team Issued Gear Inside Out In Protest of Donald Sterling

According to Jalen Rose of ESPN’s NBA Countdown, the players of the Los Angeles Clippers will be protesting their owner, Donald Sterling, by wearing all team issued gear inside out, except for uniforms, for Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors.

This move by the Clippers players is sure to grab headlines. Personally, I applaud the somewhat silent protest by the players and it also shows unity within the locker room and shows the league that they will not stand for this sort of racial intolerance, even from the man that signs their paychecks.

In the past 48 hours since the TMZ Sports audio recording was released, current and former players, analyst, and executives have come down very strongly against Sterling, and rightly so. The players have every right in the world to protest their owner and show that they will not stand for ANY type of racial intolerance. The NBA and its players are supposed to be role models for the community. Comments like Sterlings will not be tolerated and this protest shows that the players are united against such hateful comments.

The NBA is currently investigating the Sterling audio tapes to verify its legitimacy. Once it concludes its investigation, which Commissioner Adam Silver says they will do very quickly, they will presumably fine and suspend Sterling. The NBA has a huge headache on its hands and it is Silver’s first opportunity to take a stand. I believe that Silver will do the right thing and make an example out of Sterling. This is not going to be swept under the rug, I can guarantee you that.

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