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Breaking News: Mike D'Antoni Resigns From The Los Angeles Lakers!

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni has resigned according to multiple reports.

Warren LeGarie, D’Antoni’s agent, says that the team and the head coach reached an “insurmountable inpass”, meaning that the Lakers were not willing to pick up his 4th year option. Not picking up the option, which D’Antoni was fighting for, would have meant that D’Antoni would have been “lame duck” coach in 2013-14.

The Lakers viewed D’Antoni as a filler coach until the 2014-15 season when the Lakers would hire another coach and be aggressive in free agency. Essentially, the Lakers wanted to wait until next year to truly reboot the franchise.

As we wrote last week, this would have been a horrible decision, in my opinion, for the Lakers franchise. The Lakers need to begin the rebuilding process this summer and move aggressively to get the franchise back on the right track. Fortunately, D’Antoni got a little greedy and demanded his 4th year option get picked up. Presumably, the Lakers has no interest in extending D’Antoni and had decide they were going to keep him for the 2014-15 and nothing more.

D’Antoni decided to walk away from his contract without the 4th year guaranteed, which means the Lakers are now in the market for a new coach. From all Laker fans I would like to thank D’Antoni for inadvertently saving the franchise from itself. The Laker fans, at the end of the day, got what they wanted: No more D’Antoni.

Sum it up for us Magic!


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