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Puig's Bat Flip = Greatest Ever

Yasiel Puig may be one of the most infuriating players in the MLB, but boy can the kid put on a show.

In last nights game against the Miami Marlins, Yasiel Puig took a 4th inning off speed pitch and blasted it into orbit. As Charlie Steiner said, “it burned on re-entry”.

The only thing more incredible than Puig’s 452-foot mammoth blast was his own reaction to the Home Run and his signature bat flip. No one in the history of baseball has done a bat flip like Yasiel Puig. The flare, the stare, and the swagger. He’s got it all.


Oh, that boy is bad. I’m framing this .gif and giving it to myself as a birthday present. I’m going to frame it.

One time, for the fans…..PUIGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

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