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New Ownership Should Move The Los Angeles Clippers

As the dust settles (or the flames grow, however you want to consider it) on Donald Sterling and his tenure as Los Angeles Clippers owner, the bids are piling in to vie to take over the Clipper throne.  Although there may be a long, drawn out fight for control of the Clippers, one has to question if the Lakers “little brother” will spread his wings…and move OUT (of Staples Center).

For the last 15 years the Lakers and Clippers have shared an arena.  It’s considered quite inexplicable as to why Sterling has spurned Orange County early and often to secure the Clippers their own identity in their own arena.  Outside the common consensus, being that Sterling simply wanted to hob nob with the stars in downtown L.A. at Staples, there’s been good reasons to move the Los Angeles Clippers to Anaheim.

The Clippers move can and will generate a more regional revenue for the franchise, for starters.  Currently sharing only 30% of revenue with the Lakers, a new arena, more local fan base, and more individualistic identity can definitely create more loyalty as well as spending.  The Angels and Ducks of Anaheim enjoy this luxury as they pull in over 40% of revenue sharing with cross town rivals the Dodgers and Kings.  Thus, there’s money to be made.

Now of course, the Clippers are “locked” into a lease until 2024.  However, it doesn’t sound impossible that the Lakers would be willing to accept a payday for the Clippers to move out and break their lease.  With billionaires such as David Geffen, Henry Samueli (who’s longed to move an NBA team into Anaheim), and Larry Ellison, all highly interested in the Clippers, the bottom line (money), could be a high motivation to pay the very large tab to move the Clippers into an arena of their own.

And, if you are the superstitious type, you may be convinced that a move to Anaheim may soon bring the Clippers an NBA title.  Hey, the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Angels have championship hardware, right?

When you add the near-great fan bases, a higher chance to create more revenue, and a break into establishing your own home base and identity as a franchise, moving the Clippers can speak in volumes for what it can do for the franchise.

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