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Pau Gasol Wants To Sign With Title Contender

Can you imagine Pau Gasol in a Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies, or dare I say….Los Angeles Clippers jersey???

Well…it may just happen.

Recently Gasol during a video interview with, spoke on his upcoming free agency.  “I will give priority to a team that can win games and, let’s hope, challenge for the title,” Gasol said.  The big man also went on to mention his interest in playing with his brother, Marc Gasol, in Memphis, as well as western conference power house, San Antonio.

Although, Gasol went on to mention that he will definitely listen to the Lakers when presented an offer, with a roster with only a few players and no coach, the writing is quite possibly on the wall for Pau to depart Los Angeles.  The odds don’t seem to be in the Lakers favor with only Kobe Bryant as a current player of factor and a slim hope that the Lakers will figure it all out by free agency to put together a title contender. With more stable of a foundation in various NBA cities, Gasol’s eyes in this stage of his career, may be much more inclined to chase a ring than a dream with the Lakers.

And, as the Lakers go into the draft and the summer looking to retool their roster, what happens if Kevin Love is somehow pried from the Minnesota Timerberwolves and Jordan Hill re-signs with the Lakers? The likelihood that Gasol will be willing to take a role player position is quite out of the question.  With so many teams just one versatile big man away from being a title contender, Gasol definitely has quality value simply based on his career body of work, injuries aside.

Gasol definitely has options.  And, plans to explore them to the fullest.  At this point in his career it’s logical to believe that Gasol will want just more than one last pay-day.  For the Laker fans, it’s now at a breaking point.  For a few years now many fans have run Gasol out of town numerous times.  But, now that it’s realistically on the verge of happening, with whom could he be replaced with (in case the Kevin Love dream falls through)??

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