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Dodgers Alex Guerrero Loses Piece Of Ear In Fight With Teammate

Los Angeles Dodgers prospect Alex Guerrero was involved in a fight with teammate Miguel Olivo. The Cuban infielder is scheduled to receive plastic surgery, where he is expected to miss up to 5 weeks of action, according to agent, Scott Boras, whereas,  the Dodgers Alex Guerrero loses a piece of his ear in a fight with his teammate!!!

The incident occurred in Salt Lake City, where the Dodgers’ triple-A affiliate Albuquerque team lost a 7-4 decision.  According to Boras,  Olivo blamed Guerrero for failing to tag the baserunner in time, and words were thereafter exchanged during a pitching change.  Those words led to Miguel Olivo lunging at Guerrero and the two having to be separated, as witnessed in a video from the Alburquerque Isotopes team website.  Later the incident escalated into the dugout.

“Guerrero was in the far end of the dugout,” Boras said. “He went to the front to get his bat and helmet to hit. As he walked across, Olivo decked him.”

Guerrero and Olivo had to be separated again by teammates, according to Boras. When players pulled off Olivo, he had a piece of Guerrero’s ear in his mouth, Boras said.

Although criminal charges can be filed against Olivo, it has been said that Guerrero is “unsure” about how he wants to proceed after speaking with police, and wants to speak with a lawyer as well as league officials.

With Juan Uribe heading towards the DL, this severely hampers the Dodgers’ options to bring up  an extra infielder to help the team.  And, assuming that the 35-year-old Olivo is shot out of a cannon by the Dodgers, it would create another open spot.  With the team finally getting to full strength health wise, as well as struggling at the plate and the bullpen, this definitely is an unwelcome distraction.

It’s safe to say that Olivo will likely be suspended indefinitely and should very well be sent packing once GM Ned Coletti and manager Don Mattingly finish reviewing the altercation.  A simple fist fight, screaming, or shoving match in the dugout is one thing, but this?  This is completely over the line and there’s no need to keep Miguel Olivo in a Dodgers uniform anymore because he clearly isn’t the most stable of people.


Olivo has been released by the Los Angeles Dodgers due to this incident.

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