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Jury Trial to Decide Donald Sterling's Fate in Clippers Sale

Lawyers for both Donald and Shelly Sterling were in court today to determine if and how the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers will proceed, per The attorneys left with a July 7 court date for a trial to determine if Mr. Sterling was properly removed from the Sterling Family Trust.

According to the report, the trial will last four days, leaving five days until the sale’s July 15 deadline. That also happens to be the day the NBA Board of Governors is scheduled to vote on the sale.

The trial will focus around determining if Donald Sterling’s mental capacity allows to remain a trustee, and in turn be involved in the sale proceedings.

Steve Ballmer, the man trying to buy the Clippers, and his attorney, Adam Streisand, are confident that the expeditious nature with which a trial was granted bodes well.

“We’re extremely encouraged that the court understands the need for an expedited hearing,” Streisand said. We’re confident that after the trial the court is going to bless this transaction.”

The legalese surrounding this situation is complicated, but it appears a positive result for Shelly Sterling, Steve Ballmer and the NBA isn’t do or die.

Hopefully this mess will lay to rest until the trial and we can focus on the NBA Finals and upcoming draft.

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