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Sterling Trial Day III: Donald Sterling rails on Shelly, who also hits the stand

Any time you ask yourself if the Donald Sterling vs. Shelly Sterling trial can get any (insert sensationalist adjective ending in “er”), the answer is always yes. Day three proceedings proved that theory to be true, with both Sterlings taking the stand at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Wednesday.

To that end, Judge Michael Levanas provided the most newsworthy item of the day once proceedings adjourned.

Donald Sterling continued where he left off from his aggressive, scatterbrained testimony on Tuesday. Twenty-four hours after warning the court that his impending antitrust lawsuit against the NBA would last two years and win him $9 billion–among other declarations–Sterling continued lashing out at the opposition. The biggest declaration of the day:

This time, though, Shelly Sterling was not immune to his wrath. The testimony included similarly loving sentiments towards his wife that Donald Sterling put forth Tuesday, only with a twist:

After calling his wife clueless and incompetent, Donald Sterling had choice words for the NBA and former commissioner David Stern.

Then he made it personal by going after Shelly Sterling’s lawyers.

Things got delusional when Donald Sterling claimed he has never been late on or failed to make a payment to employees.

Former Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy would like to differ. Shelly finally got her turn on the hot seat, focusing on her husband’s deteriorating state.

The stunner of the night? After being cordial and even pleasant towards Shelly Sterling before his own testimony:

He ended the day with a bang that nobody saw coming:

The takeaway after three days isn’t much different than what we’ve been told to expect: this is going to be a long and bumpy ride. At least the entertainment value is high. Check back Thursday evening for more analysis as both Sterlings will continue their respective testimonies on day four.

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