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USC's Anthony Brown A Cautionary Tale Of Not Thinking Before You Speak

USC’s Anthony Brown added to the Trojans’ off-the-field woes with his antics. After quitting the football team last week he came out the Thursday before the season opener calling head coach Steve Sarkisian a racist. As if #shawgate weren’t enough of a black eye, Brown selfishly attracted attention to himself and the Trojan program. Now the Trojans have to fight on through two ugly distractions.

Although USC lore says that controversy and distractions are not out of the ordinary, all was calm on the Western front until this week. As the world shook its proverbial head at the Josh Shaw scandal, Anthony Brown made sure to one-up him with his own.

After his disparaging remarks on Instagram and Facebook, Brown gave his account to TMZ Sports of a meeting with Coach Sark.

“When I walked in the room,” he said, ‘You have the (expletive) guts to walk in here — coward.”

“The way he was talking to me … it was like a slave master talking to his slave.” Brown concludes with, “He told me to get the (expletive) out of his office.”

Does that sound racist to you?

This is just a cautionary tale of the old adage that says watch what you say. To make such an ignorant, manipulative assassination on another’s character reminds us all of the human element of popular public figures/institutions. Brown knows that there is no validity in saying Sarkisian is in any way racist. The proof shows in his quick removal of the posted accusations.

The reality is Brown was likely not going to see any part of the field that did not involve special teams. Brown’s roster spot on the depth chart at cornerback had him, a redshirt senior, looking up at three underclassmen and two upperclassmen starters. Once moved to tailback on his own request, Brown again found himself looking up at a handful of underclassmen and two starters. With a bruised ego and confidence, Brown found himself unable to make his mark in a Trojan jersey. From there, Brown simply quit the team, likely offending Sarkisian to a degree.

In the event Brown’s accounts of the conversation are accurate, he is manipulating the media to win off the field because he was inept to win ON it. A young man felt rage after feeling embarrassed in a meeting with his coach and opted to make a dangerously immature gesture by labeling Sark a racist.

“When I walked in the room, he said, ‘You have the (expletive)guts to walk in here — coward.’ The way he was talking to me … it was like a slave master talking to his slave. He told me to get the (expletive) out of his office.”-Anthony Brown

Brown could have just walked away from the program like he initially intended. Instead, he made a decision unbecoming of a 22-year-old MAN by taking a petty and immature parting shot. It will ultimately will reflect upon his OWN character.  Brown achieved the fame that he was unable to garner in a USC uniform. However, he may learn in the long run that being INFAMOUS is not what it’s cracked up to be. Brown not only owes USC and Sarkisian an apology, he also owes it to himself to show that he has a higher level of maturity, professionalism, and intellect.

USC players took to social media in heavy support of coach Sark and all refuted and dismissed Brown’s claims. The very same claims Brown was not brave enough to leave posted on social media. Ultimately, Anthony Brown proved one of Sarkisian’s alleged comments to him spot on. COWARD.


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