Top Ten Tweeters Trojans Fans Must Follow!


Coach Pete Carroll @PeteCarroll ( ) His Songs of the Day can be very telling (the most recent? Redemption Song, of course) and you really can’t be an SC fan on twitter without keeping up with Uncle Pete

USC Ripsit Blog @USCRipsit ( ) Ben Malcomson uploads the tagline of each of the Ripsit blog’s posts as they come online. Probably the mark of a true fanatic, following Ripsit lets you keep up with the nearly hourly updates from the mouthpiece of Heritage Hall and the insider access it offers.

Stafon Johnson @stafon13 ( ) Stafon took the advice of his head coach and joined the twitter world from his hospital bed following his tragic accident. Though he is an infrequent poster, his words never fail to remind you of his miraculous recovery and how much we can take for granted in sports and life.

Reggie Bush @reggie_bush ( ) The 2004 Heisman Trophy winner and record-setting Trojan tailback is a tweet-master, posting often about just about everything in his life, from videogames, to being undefeated with the Saints, to Kim Kardashian ( @KimKardashian, in case you were wondering). He almost always has something to say on USC gamedays.

The USC Psycho @uscpsycho ( This guy is the definition of a true fan. He’s been to every single USC game, home AND away, since 1992 without fail.

Gary Klein @LATimesKlein ( ) Gary Klein is the LA Times beat writer for USC and generally links all of his articles to his twitter as they go up on the LAT website. He provides a learned, objective analysis of every game and practice week.

Mark Sanchez @Mark_Sanchez ( The most recent QB to leave SC and the last to be tutored by Steve Sarkisian was picked 5th overall in last year’s NFL draft and posts about his life as a high-profile NFL rookie and occasionally remarks on the exploits of his alma mater.

Kenny Morris @USCDrumMajor ( the newest drum major for the Spirit of Troy Trojan Marching Band is better known as Tommy Trojan personified and for continuing the ritual of plunging a sword into the field before the kickoff. His steadfast support for the team and band is admirable and has been a welcome sight after the disappointments of the current season.

ESPN College Gameday @GameDayFootball ( The producers for ESPN’s premier college football showcase are constantly posing controvertial questions to followers about BCS rankings, who’s going to win their next games, the Heisman race, and evaluations of the top teams. Watching (and joining) the fracas that can spring up around their posts can be one of the more rewarding experiences for a college football fan on twitter.

Lendale White @THEREAL_LENDALE  ( The mythical “thunder” to Reggie Bush’s “lightening” from the 2004 National Championship runner-up team has found arguable more success in the NFL than his backfield-mates from that team (Heisman winners Bush and QB Matt Leinart). He’s a running back with the Titans and his sometimes-controversial posts regarding his experiences in the NFL can be both fascinating and occasionally unintelligible. His shout outs to Bush and the Trojans, as well as his often brutal evaluations of his team and his own play are ultimately very satisfying.