With the 2011 season finally being over, we take a look at the first wave of postseason awards Dodger playe..."/> With the 2011 season finally being over, we take a look at the first wave of postseason awards Dodger playe..."/>

Dodgers Offseason to Date: Looking Back at the First Week of Awards


With the 2011 season finally being over, we take a look at the first wave of postseason awards Dodger players have won, along with  the ones they have candidates to win in the remaining. So far we have seen the names of the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

We begin with the Gold Glove Awards handed out. The Rawlings Gold Glove Award is handed out annually to the eighteen players with the best fielding performance in the given season. Each fielding position receives one award per league. The players are picked by coaches and managers. Voters cannot vote for a player from their team. Three Dodger players took a Gold Glove award this season, most by any NL team. Only the Boston Red Sox had as many players given a Gold Glove. This year, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp each received a Gold Glove at their respective positions.

For Kershaw, this marks his Gold Glove award in his young career. This year he played in 33 games. He was on the field for 233.1 innings and did not record an error. In fact, in his career, Kershaw has only two errors. He’s been a sound fielding pitcher in the four years as a major leaguer. In a season that saw him play his best baseball ever, Kershaw’s fielding was just the cherry on the top that the Dodgers got from him at the pitcher’s spot on the field.

Andre Ethier was given the Gold Glove as a right fielder. This is his first award in a young career were fielding was an issue. Yet this entire year saw Ethier commit no errors and eight assists from his spot at right field. Ethier’s defensive improvement since his rookie year shows his development as an overall player is definitely seen in the stats. If he continues to improve, he might one day take a stand alongside Matt Kemp as the Dodgers’ best offensive threats.

Speaking of Matt Kemp, he rounds out the Dodgers Gold Glove winners. His second Gold Glove award is only an extra spot in his award cabinet that he needs to make this offseason. He won his first in 2009. Although this season Kemp had five errors, his eleven outfield assists were 3rd best among all center fielders. He was also involved in a career high five double plays this season. Matt Kemp’s defense just adds more reason for the Dodgers to lock him up to a long term deal.

The Dodgers only had one Silver Slugger this year. The Silver Slugger award is given to eighteen players . The award is given to the best offensive player at each position. Each position receives an award per league. As with the Gold Glove, the coaches and managers pick the winners.

Matt Kemp received his second Silver Slugger award after an MVP type season at the plate. He hit career highs in runs scored (115), hits (195), total bases (353), home runs (39), RBI’s (126), walks (74. 24 were intentional), OBP (.399) and slugging (.586). Not only can he score on any given at-bat, shown by his power, but he is patient enough to wait for his moments, shown by his walks. The type of season he’s had is one that few have seen in recent years.

Four awards so far for the Dodgers. They look to gain more when more awards are handed out.

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