Matt Kemp’s Rehabilitation Schedule Pre-All Star Break


Carlos Lee is not interested in joining the Dodgers. The Dodgers are much more interested in NL MVP (candidate) Matt Kemp returning to the lineup in the near future, than the struggling Astro anyway though.

Kemp has been visible the last few days as he was voted by the fans to the All Star team. Despite only playing 36 games, I don’t have a problem with Kemp making the team since he had the best numbers in the majors when he was sidelined 34 games into the 2012 season. Kemp also is a participant and captain for the Home Run Derby in Kansas City next week, and he named his team live on SportsCenter from Dodger Stadium Yesterday. He declared his draftees included “his boy” Stanton whom the people on Twitter wanted, Dodger killer Carlos Gonzales, and St, Louis’ Creedence “The Clear”water Revival Carlos Beltran.

Matt Kemp will start a rehab assignment prior to the All Star Break.

"Matt Kemp will start a rehab assignment with the Class A Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Tuesday and is on pace to return to the Dodgers’ lineup after the All-Star break."

When Kemp came back from the 15-Day DL a month ago, he re-injured his hamstring scoring from first to third in just his second game back. Stealing 50 bases is what Kemp set as one of his goals at the outset of the season, but both he and especially the organization would settle for Kemp with some power in the 3-hole to jump start that lineup. No sense in Kemp risking further injury to his hamstring with aggressive base running.

"Mattingly addressed a plan to not push the outfielder back too quickly this time. Kemp will DH on Tuesday and will play regularly before participating in the Home Run Derby during the All-Star break. If he suffers no setbacks he will return to the Dodgers’ lineup when they play the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium on July 13."

The game Tuesday in Rancho Cucamonga is already sold out. As news of his rehab start was broken (or maybe they just have a really kick-ass fireworks show) the game sold out.

The Class A Rancho Cucamonga Earthquakes then go on the road for a three game series with the Inland Empire 66ers in San Bernadino, and as Google Maps tells me, that is another 30 minutes East of Rancho Cucamonga. The 66ers are the Class A affiliate of the Angels.

Mattingly said of Kemp

"He’s DHing tomorrow (Tuesday) and then he’s playing five innings the next day and then there’s another DH day in there. There are days in there designed to keep him playing but to keep him from being on his leg every day."

So if you don’t live close by, and are planning a short trip inland, check out Kemp as a Dh in Rancho on Tuesday, 5 innings in San Bernadino on the 4th, DH on Thursday, and then probably at least 5 innings on Friday. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the Earthquakes go to San Jose, but the Home Run Derby is set for Monday the 9th.

I personally wouldn’t count on Kemp being in a minor league uniform after the series with the 66ers. Perhaps he might make a pit stop or two in Chattanooga or Albuquerque on his way to Kansas City.

In other good news, Andre Ethier could return to the team as early as this week, after suffering a strained oblique.