After 75 years of agony, the United States Men's Soccer Team has finally beaten bord..."/> After 75 years of agony, the United States Men's Soccer Team has finally beaten bord..."/>

USMNT: Making History One Game at a Time


After 75 years of agony, the United States Men’s Soccer Team has finally beaten border-rivals Mexico…in Mexico. Prior to this match, the two nations had played each other a total of 61 times, with Mexico coming out on top with 33 wins, while the US has only managed 16 (all on either US soil or on neutral ground).

This game further implemented the outstanding job that Jürgen Klinsmann has done with this men’s team. Klinsmann had stated that changing the US game will take some time and that fans will need to have some patience when watching this American side. Throughout the US-Mexico match, patience is exactly what many American fans needed. With many stars not featured in either side due to the Euro Championships or the Olympics, it was no surprise that both sides came out looking a bit lethargic.

The first 45 minutes seemed like an eternity. Although Mexico clearly possessed the game, neither team came close to creating any chances. Although I didn’t realize it at first, the US was playing exactly how Klinsmann wanted them to. Being a Bayern Munich fan it hurts to say that the US team did a tremendous job imitating Chelsea FC’s “park the bus in front of goal” routine. It seemed as though Mexico was hitting a brick wall every time they got near to Everton keeper Tim Howard’s goal. They literally “parked the bus” around the 18; there was no way through for Mexico.  Although it didn’t make for an attractive, exciting game, once the 80th minute rolled around, it definitely made Klinsmann look like a genius.

After the start of the second 45, Klinsmann started to make some changes. In all there were 6 changes for the American side before the final whistle. None were more important that Brek Shea, Terrance Boyd and Michael Orozco, who all combined to give the US the 1-0 lead in the 80th minute. A goal that will undoubtedly go down in US soccer history for giving the Americans their first ever win just south of the border. 2 minutes after being subbed in, Shea broke away on the left side of the 18 yard box after nicely putting it between fullback Severo Meza’s legs and awkwardly crossing it to Terrance Boyd who then attempted to back heal the cross into the goal, only to have Orozco slot the ball in from about 2 yards away. It truly made for a great site as Orozco celebrated by jogging to the corner flag only to be mobbed by his teammates. Mexico almost tied it up twice, both times Howard was required to make good saves on a deflected shot and a header, both coming from Manchester United’s Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. “WE”VE DONE IT”, were the only words that came to mind after the final whistle was blown.

Although it was only a friendly, one could see that it meant alot more than just an ordinary win for the players and coaches of this team. After the 1-0 win against Italy…in Italy, some may have thought that the win was a fluke. Well to the critics out there, I hope that this win against Mexico will start to change your mind. This truly was a great win for the American soccer team and its fans. We have played in two soccer loving countries and beaten them both, on their soil, without conceding a goal. The jinx has been lifted, we have finally won in Mexico, and I could prouder of Jürgen Klinsmann and his coaching staff for what they are doing to mold these boys into a world-class team.