Blake Griffin’s Must See Dunk His Best Ever?


Mar 6, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (32) and Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Jamal Crawford (11) during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Staples Center. Clippers won 117-101. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin has a highlight reel of dunks that is longer than most upcoming feature films. They keep trimming down blockbuster movies, and Griffin’s highlights keep getting longer. They’re an endless maze of agression and power, and embarrassment generally for whoever is adventerous enough to be in his maze. In Wednesday’s blow out win against the Milwaukee Bucks, Griffin didn’t embarrass anyone in the second half when he had what may be his best dunk ever. That’s because there was no one on that side of the court with him. No opponents that is. Jamal Crawford facilitated a whole new brand of dunk for Griffin.

Without further delay, if you haven’t seen the dunk here it is

Griffin’s Tope Ten Dunks could be replaced with a tape of Top 10 Dunks in NBA history, and anyone who wasn’t an NBA historian who watched it would readily accept that, yeah, this is it. Griffin is not jumping over Timofey Mozgov or Kendrick Perkins (linked here and here) in this dunk. Griffin;s power and the absolute surprise that Griffin rises up as high and fiercely in the middle of the play are what make those classic dunks.

But in Tuesday’s installment in the series “Blake Griffin Dunks a Basketball,” you know as a spectator or a player he is going to get the ball the whole time. After the Clippers steal it at half court, Griffin breaks in to the front court, and it’s our anticipation of what is going to happen that makes the dunk. And Griffin doesn’t disappoint.

Jamal Crawford’s flashy pass adds to the dunk not in it’s difficulty level. Crawford takes more difficult jump shots every game than this uncontested between the legs lob pass. He could do this in his sleep. But Crawford’s addition to the dunk equation adds to the dunk because he is such a wild card. No one really knows what Crawford is going to do. Opponents know he is going to shoot the ball generally. He scored 25 points Wednesday. But in a passing situation with all the time in the world no one knows what Crawford is going to do–lesat of all Blake Griffin.

Griffin had the least amount of time to react. The dunk is not on his terms when he usually picks up the pass or his dribble in the lane and rises over the defense. But he still manages to grab the low pass and bring it around for an authoritative windmill dunk.

And his dunk was cemented by a stellar overall night. Blake Griffin had a triple double for crying out loud. He had 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists in his third career triple double. He is becoming the focal point of the offense that the Clippers need.

You also have to take into account his reaction. It might be his best dunk ever because he is most pleased with himself. Griffin normally glares over whoever he just slapped onto a Fathead. But with no victim, he even impressed himself and let out a big smile as he went back to the bench following the Bucks recovery timeout.

What do you think LA Sports Hubsters? Is this Griffin’s best dunk ever?