2013-2014 NBA Regular Season Awards

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Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Most Improved – Goran Dragic


We’ve known for awhile that Dragic had a lot of potential; however, he never quite fit into a system and was never really handed the reigns to an offense. Well, he was this year. The results were unbelievable. The combination of Dragic, who may be the shiftiest player in the NBA (stole that title from Manu Ginobili), and Eric Bledsoe, who is the most athletic guard in the league not named Russell Westbrook, was absolutely electric. Those two, along with the Morris twins, a Plumlee and some other parts have propelled a Suns team that was expected to be in contention for the number 1 pick into a legitimate playoff contender, though they may fall a game short.

Dragic has been a marvel this season and is averaging 20.4 ppg and 6 assists. Not only that, Dragic is shooting 50% from the field for the season and is shooting an incredible 54% from 2-point range and 41.5% from deep. Those are Kevin Durant type numbers. For comparisons sake, last year Dragic averaged 14.7 ppg while shooting 44% from the field, 49% from 2-point range, and 32% from deep. The improvement is off the charts. He’s clearly the most improved player in the NBA this season.

Vote: 1. Goran Dragic 2. Isaiah Thomas 3. Gerald Green