Who Will Buy The Los Angeles Clippers?

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Patrick Soon-Shiong owns a small piece of the Los Angeles Lakers

3. Patrick Soon-Shiong

Patrick Soon-Shiong is the wealthiest man in Southern California, which a net worth estimated to be around $10B. He is also a sports fanatic and has a small stake in the Los Angeles Lakers, which he purchased from Magic Johnson for $50M in 2011.

Soon-Shiong has been rumored to be interested in all of the major sports properties in the Los Angeles area and previously made a bid to purchase AEG from Anshutz. While that deal fell through, Soon-Shiong is a major player and will definitely make a bid to purchase the Clippers. Soon-Shiong, like AEG, would be required to sell his stake in the Lakers if he purchases the Clippers.

Another scenario that is possible is the Soon-Shiong purchases the Clippers, AEG, and attempts to buy an NFL team to bring to Los Angeles. AEG has been working on the Farmers Field idea for a couple of years now and Soon-Shiong has been at the forefront of trying to acquire an NFL to partner with AEG’s stadium. While the possibility of Farmers Field becoming a reality is fading with every passing day, a man with the financial fire power of Soon-Shiong may be able to make it happen.