LA Lakers: Youth Is Essential Against Minnesota

The LA Lakers made some moves in the off-season showing that they were ready to move forward into a new generation of basketball — it starts in 2015.


If put together in the right way, there is plenty of room for the new (somewhat improved) roster.

Strong leadership from veterans is important, and thankfully the Lakers haven’t forgotten about that.

But if the young guys don’t get their shot to prove themselves, it’ll only hurt the team.

It was just announced today by The LA Times that Metta World Peace will get a roster spot — this is good news heading into the game against the Timberwolves for a few reasons.

First, it provides a sort of rebounding veteran.

Aside from Kobe Bryant himself, World Peace is the next most-seasoned player they have available.

While it’s clear that World Peace isn’t going to be a superstar kind of player — or even as important as someone like Paul Pierce will be with the Clippers — he’s important in the long-term game plan of LA.

Or at least he should be.

Looking at the Timberwolves, they were very wise to lure Kevin Garnett back for as long as he can play.

Like Bryant, Garnett is on his way out, but Minnesota realized that they needed him back — and not just for his abilities on the court.

Someone needed to water the talent garden they have up north, because it wasn’t going to grow itself.

Compare that to the Lakers, who have a plethora of youthful talent, as does Minnesota.

Andrew Wiggins is ready for an electric sophomore season as Jordan Clarkson is — but the comparisons aren’t what wins basketball games.

Letting your actions speak for themselves does.

The ultimate reason that having World Peace around will be a good thing in the end is because it gets the Lakers to where they want to be again — but faster.

If you’ve got twice the leadership, twice the work ethic, and twice the experience when the cameras aren’t on the team, how could you not expect to see more growth as compared to one leader?

Exactly my point.

Minnesota is going to be one of those serious dark horse teams this year in the Western Conference, too, so the fact that the Lakers begin the season against them will show us what they’re really made of.

Because the rest of the road does not get any easier — in the Western Conference, at least.

Which team has better a better pool of young talent?

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