LA Lakers Shot Down In Sacramento

Los Angeles Lakers
Sacramento Kings

Despite the loss dropping them to 0-2 on the season, the LA Lakers saw strong performances from its young core.

The young dynamic duo was back at it in California’s capitol as the Lakers took on the Kings in their second game of the season.

D’Angelo Russell saw more opportunities to score and Jordan Clarkson took complete control and got into a zone all his own.

It’s exactly what the Lakers will need to carry them anywhere near the promised land.

The problems began often and early against Sacramento, though, as the Kings dropped 40 points in the first quarter and had 74 at just halftime.

Despite 22 points and four rebounds from Clarkson, the Lakers, quite frankly, could never catch up.

After the first quarter they never saw the lead and the game ended with a nearly 20-point differential.

Not a good look for an LA team that tried to make a statement on opening night and was almost able to topple the Timberwolves with the Staples Center faithful behind them.

But it seems as though they have yet to really hit the sweet spot, even with the more long-term pieces to the team already in place.

Brandon Bass has been a non-factor so far, and that’s the only red flag in terms of roster production that’s evident thus far from the Lakers.

Obviously, Kobe Bryant was going to just be doing his own thing and everyone else was going to have to try and adjust to his tempo — but we already knew that.

Even with old age, it’s clear that the “Mamba Mentality” hasn’t changed one bit — and Bryant is more hell-bent than ever on proving any and all of his doubters wrong in every way imaginable.

He can’t do it alone though — even he knows that.

Nick Young also made a surprise splash against the Kings, pitching in 17 points, two rebounds, and even three steals.

Young, usually dubbed “Swaggy P”, knew that coming into this season he was going to have to do more for the team than be the talking head.

It’s not bad to have a personality or even enjoy the nightlife that LA has to offer — but the way Nick Young was handling the environment and atmosphere beforehand was just a distraction.

Bottom Line: The Lakers are in limbo.

In a move best for both parties, Young is ready to prove that he was worth the investment.

Los Angeles couldn’t drag any major free agents aside from former sixth-man of the year Lou Williams.

That in mind, new kinds of superheroes will have to emerge for the Lakers to go anywhere this season or in the immediate future.

Will the Lakers get it together?