San Diego Chargers: Now What?

The San Diego Chargers are now 2-7 after their Monday Night Football loss to the Chicago Bears.


With the Chargers playoff hopes officially gone, what do they do now?

Should they try to play as a team, play to win and increase their team chemistry and risk the starters getting hurt, or do they tank the games the last half  of the season to get the first round pick of the NFL Draft?

They have talent and a good team — but now their season is officially done.

Their second half of the schedule only increases in difficulty.

Starting quarterback Phillip Rivers and everyone on the defensive side of the ball is healthy.

It doesn’t help them that mostly everyone on the offensive side of the ball is injured including star wide receiver Keenan Allen.

They have already had different offensive linemen switch around positions and start.

Each running back has the opportunity to play in every game no matter the team or game situation including, rookie running back Melvin Gordon.

The game last night gained a lot of  hype because it was a Monday Night Football game, of course.

This game before the season was supposed to be full of hype because of all the different talent on the team yet each team has disappointed us this season so far.

However the game still lived up to the attention it was supposed to receive.

The one rule is one team had to win the game and, unfortunately, it wasn’t the Chargers.

The Chargers didn’t play poorly, though.

They jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead.

Should I remind you that they are ranked 1st in the NFL in passing yards.

But not wins.

They had the lead the whole game, and going into the fourth quarter, they were up 19-14.

However, the receivers without Keenan Allen stepped up in this game.

Antonio Gates was productive but wide receiver Stevie Johnson seemed to be the most productive and the go to security blanket for Rivers.

Their running game was okay but they couldn’t get it going like their opponent did.

What they did get going was passing to the running back out of the backfield.

The team was expecting more from rookie running back Gordon in his first year but the team as a whole has disappointed and he doesn’t get a lot of snaps because they do not have a for sure starter at the position.

Bottom Line: the chargers have lost their spark.

Therefore, he doesn’t get as much snaps as he could if he was a starter.

If he was a starter he would get more snaps and have the ability to get in a rhythm and we would see what he is made of in a full game if we don’t already see the full Gordon.

The question remains — now what?