LA Lakers Must Commit To Rebuild

If push comes to shove, the LA Lakers can bank one more time on the NBA Draft.

Seriously, though, that’s not out of the question.

D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle are continuing to mature and find their stride with the Lakers, but even with them on the floor, Los Angeles might need more at it’s disposal.

Thankfully for them, the next clean cut crop of college basketball talent — headlined, of course, by Ben Simmons of LSU — will provide nothing short of top-tier players.

And with how things are going so far, and if they’re any indication of how the rest of the season will play out, we can count on the Lakers to be part of the lottery draft…again.

Picking up D’Angelo Russell was nothing short of a steal, though, and they were right to pick him up over Jahlil Okafor or other prospects at the time.

Okafor’s been struggling heavily with off-the-court issues, and those kinds of things would be way too much for a team like the Lakers to handle right now.

It hasn’t been something the 76ers have been able to put a complete stop to yet, and in the short run it makes Philadelphia look like the mastermind of making bad draft decisions.

But hey, better them than us, right?

Other ways to continue to build is to trust the younger players more in late-game situations, as well as making Jordan Clarkson‘s role with the team more noticeable.

After Clarkson broke out of his rookie shell last season to everyone’s surprise, it’s almost like the team has tried to put him more in the back seat instead of at the forefront of the offense.

Professional basketball has a trend of being taken over by dynamic duos in the past, and there’s no reason that a Russell-Clarkson combination can’t be deadly in the immediate future.

The only major hindrance to a plan like that, after taking into consideration the possibility of grabbing another high draft pick, is how Byron Scott tries to put the pieces together.

Nobody has questioned Scott’s credibility more than the fans who want to see the Lakers get back to the top as quick as possible.

Bottom Line: A rebuild will restore what used to be.

Once Scott can win that part of the fan base over, the rocky parts of this season are more than likely to shape up.

Because if the fans don’t want him there, don’t expect him to stay very long.