NFL to LA: Relocation Decision Looming

Per a report from, the NFL to LA decision on who will be making the move to Los Angeles will be determined in January.

The wait for three extremely anxious fan bases waiting to see if their teams stay put or head to Los Angeles will end early in the new year.

Coming in 2016, the league has decided to take a vote including all of the team owners to determine which team is best suited for a stay in Los Angeles.

The three teams, as you might’ve guessed, or probably already knew, are the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and the St. Louis Rams.

Voting for the relocation decision will take place in Houston during the second week of January, and will obviously decide a lot on how fans see the relationship between professional football and LA for a long time.

But this isn’t the first time the league has had to make big decisions with the world watching.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is quoted as saying that the the owners are “comfortable” with the kind of ground that’s been made up in various meetings regarding the potential move, but reiterated that there is still plenty of work left to be done.

There’s still one more week for the teams to make any adjustments to their final proposals that the league will review and ultimately use as a light of judgment in their decision.

The report also states that the biggest contrast to Goodell’s positive attitude on the situation comes from Jim Irsay, who owns the Indianapolis Colts.

When asked where he felt things were at with the negotiating and overall necessary process, he’s quoted as saying that he doesn’t “think we’re extremely close right now.”

There are clearly plenty of mixed signals to go around when such a decision carries such dead weight and magnitude — but once the dust settles, hopefully, in January, we’ll have more information available to make a better decision than just with our gut.

Because I think we all know how far that will really get us — not very far, if you were really wondering.

Despite the Raiders and Chargers thinking about doing an official joint-team offer to both move to LA, Rams owner Stan Kroenke is doing everything in his power and then some to convince his colleagues that the Rams are the right fit.

Money talks, though, so if anything, the money trail will tell us where their decision was really rooted and coming from; particularly if it was the right move.