Jeff Fisher Has A Lot To Prove In LA

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is in his fifth season with the team and has yet to post a winning record.

A record of 27-36 in his four full years as the head coach is not impressive to say the least, so is the Los Angeles coach on the hot seat?

The Rams, now of Los Angeles, want to bring success with them to their new city; something they haven’t had since Jeff Fisher took over, with 7-9 being their best record in his regime.

Most teams don’t give coaches more than four seasons without posting a winning record. As earlier this month, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said  “After three years if we haven’t made the playoffs we’re looking for a new coach, that’s the way it is” — and this is just after hiring a new head coach.

And he has a point; the fans don’t want to continue seeing their team lose and wants a change, but there are coaches who needs time.

Looking for a prime example?

Ron Rivera.

Before coaching the NFC champions Carolina Panthers, he posted two losing seasons and their were people wanting to give him the boot.

But with patience, the young Panther team he took over  developed and become the team they are today.

So maybe that could be the case with the Rams and Fisher, it’s hard to tell at this point in time.

The Rams might feel they’re on the brink of being a playoff team which is a possibility. The Rams do have a lot of young talent Fisher drafted. So that’s the case of Fisher still being on the safe side.

But there’s a better chance he’s not as safe as he’s in his 20th season as a head coach in the NFL.

So unlike Rivera — who was a first time coach, mind you — the Rams shouldn’t have the patience with an experience coach like Fisher.

He has yet to fill the glaring hole on the Rams since he’s got there in finding the Rams a starting quarterback and the Rams and Fisher remains mediocre.

Fisher has a nice resume in building a defense but he has yet to build a quality offense.

So should the Rams coach be on the hot seat?

Yes, he should be.

He hasn’t post a winning record since he got here and the Rams do have more talent because of Fisher but at the end of the day winning is what counts and Fisher yet to get it done.

If Fisher fails to post a winning record this season and the Rams fail to make the playoffs , then it will be hard finding a scenario where Fisher is the Rams head coach beyond that point.

But there is one way to put these thoughts away –winning.