Byron Scott Continues To Use Handcuffs


Byron Scott continued placing the blame of poor team performance on the young players — enough is enough.

At this point, with eight games left in the 2015-16 NBA season, Byron Scott is continuing to handcuff the young players and it upsets me.

Honestly, I like that Scott has inserted D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle back into the starting lineup, but what baffles me is that these guys aren’t playing enough minutes.

They play about 30 minutes per game, and experience in the best teacher for a team 44 games under .500.

Scott still insists on playing Marcelo Huertas at least 15 minutes per game and that takes away time for Russell.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Huertas, but he deserves to be on a team that’s in playoff contention –same thing goes for Brandon Bass.

Those guys are indirectly hurting the progression due to Scott’s incompetence.

Lets be honest here, Scott isn’t a good coach when it comes to developing talent, but he might do a decent job with veteran-established teams.

Sorry to say, but coach Scott isn’t the right coach for this team going forward.

Scott doesn’t run a fluid offense.

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  • Half the time I sit there and wonder what offenses he uses. I thought it was similar to the Princeton offense with many motions, back cuts, and ball movement, but no.

    Needless to say, it’s nothing like the Princeton offense.

    Usually after a Lakers game, I go back to look at how many minutes Russell and Randle played.

    At times, they are between 20-32 apiece, and that’s unacceptable at this point in the season.

    Monday night, the Lakers tied the worst loss in franchise history losing by 48 points to the Utah Jazz.

    Russell and Randle both didn’t play over 30 minutes in that game and that’s concerning.

    Now let’s go around the league for a second, and on multiple occasions I’ve seen Devin Booker, Karl-Anthony Towns and even Emmanuel Mudiay play 40+ minutes in multiple games the last few weeks.

    Those coaches know what it takes to help develop a young player with supreme talent.

    Scott is doing it all wrong; maybe he needs to sit back and learn from other coaches around the league that’s trying to develop young players.

    If Scott wants to see another season as the Lakers head coach, he must show in these last eight games that he’s 100 percent all in when it comes to helping develop these players.

    And if he isn’t, he needs to be gone after the Lakers last home game versus Utah.

    I’m not saying to shorten Kobe Bryant‘s minutes — he’s the main attraction.

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    However, boost the younger players minutes in these last 7 games so Lakers fans can get the best of both worlds.