Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles looking forward to chance of drafting Brandon Ingram

Lakers rumors point to Los Angeles being pretty excited with their spot in the 2016 NBA Draft.

According to a report by Lakers Nation, the Los Angeles Lakers are “thrilled” to be in the running for Duke star Brandon Ingram.

If the Lakers decide to stick with their looming draft selection, the popular idea is that it’ll be either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram.

The team needs raw talent above anything else, and these two prospects are at the top of their class.

Bleacher Report shared earlier this morning that Ben Simmons is the favorite of the Philadelphia 76ers now that the order of the draft is in effect and no longer speculation.

What this means is that Ingram, if all goes as suggested, would be the next-best option for the Lakers in the second overall slot.

With this being an even bigger decision than last year’s draft choice in D’Angelo Russell in terms of making the franchise great in a shorter span of time, the Lakers made it pretty clear what stood out to them about Brandon Ingram.

Per the Bleacher Report article:

Ingram’s drive to be great and dedication to winning, according to sources, resonated deeply with the Lakers’ front-office contingent…that would thrill the Lakers, who aren’t sure if Ingram isn’t better than Simmons.

The work ethic of Ben Simmons has come into question since the idea of him being drafted came about, so that’d clearly be a concern of Los Angeles if Ingram were to be drafted by Philadelphia.

Even then, the Lakers have to focus on the talent and understand that by having the kind of youth that they have available there are going to be distractions and disruptions along the way.

It’s just part of the process.