Dodgers Rumors: Ten trade targets for the Dodgers

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Dodgers Rumors -: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Trade targets are always the center focus of all Dodgers rumors. As the season progresses, what ten trade targets should the Dodgers consider?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are not the super team that every one expects them to be, and that naturally causes Dodgers rumors. Yes, the team has been hot as of late, but with a 20-15 record, 2017 certainly hasn’t gone to plan. That is not to say that 20-15 is a bad record in any sense, but with the depth and talent that the Dodgers have it has been a struggle.

A big reason for this has been injuries, and some players not performing like the franchise had liked. There have been bright spots such as Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor, but there has been disappointments like Adrian Gonazlez. Because of this, the team could actively be searching for new talents.

Every year we see the Dodgers make some sort of deal to maximize their playoff chances, and we may see this trend continue in 2017. With very certain gaps in the Dodgers roster, all of the trade targets hold a similar purpose. This leads to a very distinct list of players that the Dodgers should target as the trade deadline approaches.

I love every member of the Dodgers as much as any fan, but the reality is that we may have to see some of them go in favor of better suited needs. With that being said, with these Dodgers rumors in mind, here are ten trade targets the Dodgers should consider as the season progresses.

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