Lakers could win the division if three things happened next season

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If this draft class is anything like the one from 2003

Obviously, having a player like LeBron James ever again is going to be a hard thing to replicate. Able to play multiple positions, shoot from wherever, and even challenge other bigs is a huge plus and has been for both Cleveland and Miami throughout his career.

Looking now to this draft class, it seems as though there are chances for it to shine like the class that James led. Guys like Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony found their first homes in the NBA that same year.

All three of them are game changing players, and it’s safe to say that the Warriors will have all of that to put up.

Even if you took the Lakers out of the equation entirely, Josh Jackson has a lot of room for potential alongside Devin Booker in Phoenix and Sacramento has another incredible point guard in De’Aaron Fox.

If Fox and Jackson can make enough noise on their respective teams, it’ll be much easier for the Lakers to take over the division. Drowning out Golden State, both the Suns and Kings could be just enough of a road bump for Los Angeles to get an edge.

As it stands right now, the Lakers have enough talent to handle both Sacramento and Phoenix, and match it extensively. Los Angeles undoubtedly has the best rookies and young players right now in the entire NBA — so expect them to benefit the most from that as well.

It gives all of the hype behind Lonzo Ball reason to keep burning. All he has to do is play his game and win games, because that’s how you’ll get to the heart of Los Angeles Lakers fans.