Lakers could win the division if three things happened next season

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Closing Thoughts

Well, now that those reasons have been covered, it’s time to wrap up with some final thoughts on the subject. First off, the Lakers are in a position to play as much mind games off the court as they are on it.

That’s the great thing about having a guy like Lonzo Ball who can back up his talk for the most part and then also having that pull for guys like Klay Thompson or LeBron James to come to Los Angeles.

All of this does have the opportunity to fall apart if they’re not careful, though. Ultimately, head coach Luke Walton will have to play out Lonzo Ball’s rookie season very carefully and not let things get too out of hand.

While not much of a personal distraction when Lonzo played at UCLA, there is still some concern over how much involvement his father LaVar Ball will have throughout his NBA career. Perhaps LaVar Ball could even help speed up the process of landing a superstar, although he poses the risk of having them lose their chance at LeBron James.

This next season will be one of the most franchise changing and direction determining seasons we have ever seen. Los Angeles has all of the right pieces in place to dramatically improve, while they should also be leaving room for any jitters or mishaps.

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It’s only fair when you have to consider the pros of what’s ahead as much as the cons.