Lakers Schedule: Three games worth watching early on

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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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With the new Lakers schedule recently released, it’s time to decide what the best games to watch in the first few match ups.

Out of all of the games on the new Lakers schedule, there are ten games that’ll jump out as the best ones to watch. Obviously, there’s going to be a lot to watch just on the team itself, but most of these match ups inspire you to see how they can really perform.

Rivalries are taken into consideration as well as the best rookie match ups early on among other things. Lonzo Ball hopes he can steal the show in Los Angeles, while Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle are expected to have big breakout seasons.

Other rookies like Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma will be looking to find their place in this new young core that Los Angeles has developed. With this front office, the expectations are going to be much higher and the chances of them succeeded more than people think they will are also high.

What it depends on though is two fold — they need to excel at both chemistry and selflessness. Sure, everyone probably wants to be that guy going late into a game with the last shot and the ball in their hands.

However, with a new floor general, passing to the open man is going to be contagious. Not only that, but it could end up being basketball that’s really fun to watch.

With that in mind, here’s the list of the three games to keep an eye on in the first slates of the schedule.