Lakers Schedule: Three games worth watching early on

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Closing Thoughts

Now that we know some games to be looking forward to next season, the better question is how Los Angeles will handle the long term. Since it will be a telling year on their drafted talent, the expectations should as high, if not higher, than the hype.

Also, the ability to sign not just one but two max contracts next summer is something that should scare the rest of the league. Let’s say the Lakers go and dominate with the young core they have next year. And then at season’s end, they’re able to attract LeBron James and somebody else.

Doesn’t matter who the other superstar is, because the fact that they could land LeBron James should be more than enough. It could become a super team that would challenge the Warriors sooner than later.

Both the Rockets and Thunder really tried to enter that conversation by the moves they made this off-season. It could happen, but the Warriors might not be challenged honestly until the Lakers get back to full force.

That being said, it’ll be fun to look forward to the early games against Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Brooklyn, with an entire season to look forward to. Down the stretch, we’ll also have to see if the Lakers can handle pressure well.

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If the answer is no, then that will serve as a red flag and definite problem. And then from there we’ll see if Magic Johnson is bold enough to fix it like he fixed other holes in the roster already.