Clippers News: Two executives hired as the new general managers

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) /

The latest Clippers news is on their latest hire to fill a role that Doc Rivers lost the privilege of having earlier this summer.

In order for the Clippers to stay competitive, they’re going to have to find a way to not lose a step even though they lost so much in the off-season. Despite not reaching the conference finals with Chris Paul at point guard, you would think they’d feel worse off without him and two other starters.

However, they seem determined to make this core of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan really work. They’ve added some nice young talent to the roster, but could be making a head coaching change soon if things don’t turn around for them.

One of the areas that they are making an official change to, though, is the position of general manager. Since coming to Los Angeles, those duties had belonged to Doc Rivers while also holding coaching responsibilities.

That job now belongs to a former member of the Thunder organization, and his name is Mike Winger. Trent Ridden, formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, will also help with general manger responsibilities.

The lighter load for Doc Rivers may actually give him a chance to solely focus on coaching. Perhaps that was one of the reasons that he couldn’t get the Clippers anywhere during his time in Los Angeles thus far.

In any case, the new hire comes as the nail in the coffin for a new era of basketball. Los Angeles has to move on from Chris Paul and work with what they’ve got now. It’s really the only healthy way to go about things, and there isn’t much room to complain about their new hires.

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Let’s hope that these new changes are the necessary moves to keep the Clippers from completely crumbling.