Lakers will benefit big time from Kyrie Irving to Boston trade

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

With the Lakers preparing for a possible renewing of the rivalry they have with the Celtics, Kyrie Irving’s impact on Boston won’t go unnoticed.

Looking at how much the Lakers have going on for them in this upcoming season, there’s not many stories that would catch attention away from what they have in store.

As crazy as that is in itself, the fact that the Kyrie Irving situation resulted in him going to Boston changes so much about the cross country rivalry. It’s one of the best in sports history, and now the Celtics and Lakers will have new point guards to go head to head.

Lonzo Ball will get to show what he’s truly capable of, and getting to play against Irving in those rivalry moments may be what helps the rookie step up above and beyond what some think he’s capable of.

This trade gives the Lakers more reason to play hard when facing the Celtics. Against the IT-led roster, the Lakers didn’t have that same fire under their belly.

With Kyrie Irving being an NBA champion, Olympic star, and All-Star talent, it also will help us evaluate how Ball handles the rivalry on such a high level. Irving has the chance to be the missing piece that the Celtics have been looking for, and he knows it.

Lately the Lakers-Celtics hasn’t had much going for it. The biggest playoff memory between the two clubs can be revisited in the 2010 NBA Finals — Kobe Bryant’s final ring and a seven game thriller.

Ultimately, the Irving vs Ball match up will be one that can be great for years to come. The idea that Irving will likely re-sign in Boston gives the Lakers something to chase in the meanwhile.

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