Los Angeles Chargers shouldn’t stay if they’re not welcomed

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

You would think the Los Angeles Chargers would be a little worried about their relocation by now.

After the Rams bolted from St. Louis for Los Angeles and started in California again last season, it seemed inevitable that a second team would join them. For a while, the Raiders were in the conversation along with the Chargers, but nothing moved into place for some time.

Then, the Chargers announce they’re leaving San Diego and the Raiders decide to head for Las Vegas in the very near future. Now, Los Angeles is stuck trying to please a fan base that didn’t want a team to play in their city.

Well, at least enough people in the fan base.

As a report from the Los Angeles Times demonstrates, the issue that is starting to rear it’s head has to do with attendance. The Los Angeles Chargers have been unable to fill a smaller stadium in a bigger market, even for their pre-season events and games.

Compare that to the Rams, who might not even have a better team, and how they were welcomed to Los Angeles again with open arms. The reality just seems to be setting in for the Chargers, and that is that not enough people in the area wanted them to come to LA.

If you think about how betrayed the fans felt and probably still feel following the news of the move from San Diego, it might be a relocation back down that makes things right. In the worst case scenario, the Chargers just fail to sell enough tickets to make their move worthwhile.

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Sure, but that’s one season, they might argue. Even in hopes of a rebound, the initial year of an NFL franchise moving to one of the best sports markets in the world and not being able to sell out a soccer stadium should speak for itself.